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* Free Domain Registration applies to the following extensions only: .com, .net, .org

Tips on getting a domain name

Always check spelling, domains cannot be refunded.

Make the Domain Name Instantly Intuitive
If you believe that a member of your target audience could immediately associate the domain name with a good guess of what they think you do, that is a big positive. Meaning they could look at your domain name and say, “Oh, I’m guessing they probably do this. This is probably what that company is up to.”
Look for a Domain Name That’s Available Across All Social Media Channels
Come up with something catchy that reflects what you do and can be remembered easily, plus one that is available across all social channels. I bought Contest Queen off a “squatter” for $500. It was worth every penny, as I have built an entire brand around it. The mistake I did make was not grabbing my name on every social channel the moment it launched. On some I am @ContestQueen and others @TheContestQueen.
Aim for Top Level Domain Name (.com, .org, .edu)
We source many domains for our clients and most seek a TLD (Top Level Domain) for good reason. A dot-org will immediately tell the user they are looking at a non-profit. Others need to be closer to the company name or type of business—that also includes redirects for region or other business lines. We’ve also dealt with people looking to buy and sell and squatters too. There are SEO issues to take account of as well.
Avoid Using Hyphens and Acronyms
We often have clients come to us for design help and wish they had asked for my input before going ahead and purchasing a domain. One good tip to remember is to avoid hyphenated domain names. Explaining to people that they need to put a dash between two words—or, heaven forbid, three or more—is a painful process. You are better off with something original if the non-hyphenated version is already taken and in use. You should also avoid acronyms like “abc-this” or “abc-that” won’t help you rank for your brand name if the “abc” stands for something like Apex Building Consultants. Instead, you will end up competing with all of the other unoriginal companies using an acronym as one of their brand identities.